After years of praying, as conversations and plans took place to resume in-person services following the COVID-19 pandemic, significant and substantial differences in CIF’s culture and philosophy on its approach to ministry surfaced between Senior Pastor Roger Scalice and Treasurer Steve Wong.  As announced by Pastor Roger on May 30, 2021, he entered into a three month sabbatical with a return to service on September 1, 2021.  CIF was to be led by elders Steve Wong and Joe Wang during the interim period of May 31 through August 31.  On August 6, 2021, Pastor Roger offered his resignation to elder board members Steve Wong and Joe Wang to be effective as soon as a board member or pastor could be found.  On Saturday, August 14, 2021, the CIF elder board of Roger Scalice, Steve Wong and Joe Wang met to accept and confirm Roger’s resignation notice and appoint Junda Jiang (JJ) as a third member for the CIF elder board.      

Steve, Joe and JJ have met and will continue to meet to pray, seeking God’s wisdom and direction, revising bylaws as appropriate, expanding the servant leadership team, setting a budget and considering the path forward for spiritual leadership.  Don Johnson has also been called upon to serve as a senior advisor to the board and assist in projects and areas as the elder board directs.

And one more announcement, use of the name, Asian Bible Church (of Chico), will be resumed and restored as Asian Bible Church (ABC), a ministry of Christ International Fellowship.